Friday, October 7, 2011

Green Pirate

Green Pirate, based in Brooklyn, is a truck selling freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. I figured it might be fun to trick myself into thinking I was healthy and consume some nutrients disguised in a pleasant tasting beverage. However, my apprehension grew when I saw some of the juices had ingredients like kale and beets, which I am not mature enough to try. After discussing with the hipster juice lady what a rookie should start with, I was steered towards a simple classic, the Green Pirate Lemonade.

The truck’s wide window allowed me to watch the juice chef select all of my fresh looking ingredients and put them into the magic juicer. I liked that I could actually see the beverage being made with real ingredients, thereby assuaging my concerns that I was being scammed with some prepackaged concoction.

Upon initially sipping the juice, I wished it was bit colder. But then it dawned on me what a lucky customer I was. While most movie theater snack bars and fast food joints hustle their patrons by filling fountain sodas with one ounce of soda and three tons of ice, Green Pirate gave more real ingredients and less filler. A breath of fresh air in this greedy society.

The Green Pirate Lemonade was delicious. The cucumber flavor really balanced out the potentially tart lemon flavor. The lemon and cucumber combined with apple, created a very unique taste that I’ve never experienced, leaving me curious to try the other exotic juices on the menu.

The Green Pirate Lemonade was actually the cheapest option at $5 and some of the others were pushing $6 and $7. I found this rather ridiculous as that is equivalent to the cost of an entire lunch. However, Naked Juice, which is the same idea, but prepackaged and loaded with sugar, goes for about $4. Most Starbucks beverages push $5, and I’d definitely pick this juice with real fruit instead of the syrups pumped into Starbucks beverages. With whimsical names like “Canteloupe Creamsicle” and “Hot Pink Limeade,” I’ll most likely be back at some point. Definitely worth a try, and if debating between Green Pirate and Kelvin Slush for a fun beverage, I’d definitely vote Green Pirate.

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