Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Big Cheese

When it came to The Big Cheese, the biggest decision to make was actually choosing The Big Cheese over all the other trucks requesting my presence at Truckeroo (we did several complete laps evaluating our options).  When it came down to it, I really just wanted a “normal” dinner.  Not some weird fusion meal that didn’t exist five years ago, just something that I’d normally eat, but couldn’t make as well on my own limited cooking abilities.  And The Big Cheese granted me just that.  Sure a Korean Taco is a novel dinner, but as I was on my way to an All-American Nats Game in the capital of the free world, I really wanted to embrace something that fit with the theme.  And after a hot dog or hamburger, a grilled cheese with apples seemed right on target.  Classic.  American.  Simple.

Props to The Big Cheese for making me want every sandwich on the menu.  Of course I had to seek guidance from The Big Cheese employees to help me make the second biggest decision of my day, and they steered me toward the Mt. Fuji: MT Tam brie (should I know what “MT Tam” is? Am I not cultured?), fuji apple, and honey on multigrain (as I’m sure no one was wondering, I added bacon as well).  I’m fairly sure none of the choices would have been bad (and I’m looking forward to trying the others) but the combination of melted cheese and sweet apples was pleasing nonetheless.  

Honestly, I probably could have made this sandwich myself in my top of the line George Foreman panini maker from Overstock.com (highly recommended), but that would suggest I 1. am willing to exert that much effort 2. purchase cheese that doesn’t come pre-sliced or shredded in a bag 3. know where to find and how to distinguish a fuji apple.  I am not willing to do any of those things, but since I am gladly willing to sit in a parking lot full of drunk Nats fans amidst a dozen food trucks, purchasing this sandwich was the better life choice.  In short, the sandwich is good, but you could probably make it on your own.  What you’re paying for is the convenience and selection of ingredients you probably don’t have on hand if you’re a yopro living the dream. By dream I mean paying half your monthly salary towards rent, and spending the rest on simple pleasures like going to Truckeroo and Nats games with your friends.  America.


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  1. I think you could make most grilled cheese sangwiches yourself. I recently had one that had prosciutto and goat cheese on it, and another that had bacon and bleu cheese. (You know I have foodtrucks outside my office every friday??) Nothing super difficult about it, but I just don't own all those cheeses.