Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kelvin Slush Truck

Since it was a Saturday afternoon, I was feeling a bit dehydrated for obvious reasons. A nice beverage would have really hit the spot and given me the strength I needed to bring my A-game to the Trader Joe’s endeavor I was about to embark on. I began to crave a Slurpee from 7/11, which I firmly believe are one of the most underrated products in the market. So refreshing, and so cheap, that I never once have felt guilty purchasing one (and usually I feel a degree of guilt with most leisure purchases thanks to my ridiculously frugal father).

As I emerged from the the subway, the Kelvin Slush Truck was beckoning towards me like a gorilla juice-head to Snooki. It was like captain Kelvin read my mind that I’d be too dehydrated to function at Trader Joe’s and in need of a nice beverage. I’d heard many positive things about the Kelvin Slush Truck (4.5 stars on Yelp!) so I gave it a go.

Luckily on the menu board I saw the special was the Arnold Palmer, which certainly appealed to me as I have a soft spot for Firefly and Lemonade, and I was able to decide on my flavor without too much internal struggle and anxiety. I got a medium (the small looked like it was fit for Victoria Beckham) for about $4.

All I can really say about this is “meh.” I didn’t find myself inhaling this Slush the way I might a Coke Slurpee from 7/11. It had this rather odd aftertaste, I think from the tea flavor, that I just wasn’t feeling. In fact, the Slush lasted me the entirety of the time I was in Trader Joe’s, because frankly I just wasn’t that into it (which as you might be able to tell is very odd for me when it comes to food). I found myself finishing it off more because I paid $4 for it and felt compelled to, than because I actually wanted to. Perhaps other flavors are better, but I’d much rather pay $1 and change for an artificial sugar-filled Slurpee from 7/11 where I can drink the whole top part, wander around the store, and then refill it again, than some “all-natural” overpriced concoction.

Only about a month til Free Slurpee Day at 7/11. See you there.

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