Friday, July 15, 2011

Kimchi Taco Truck

My next lunch adventure took me to the Kimchi Taco Truck. I was rather skeptical about the idea of Korean and barbecue mixed together as I tend to think of Barbecue as a strictly American food genre. However, I saw the tweet announcing the truck would be in my neighborhood and my curiosity was piqued. I carefully researched the Yelp reviews, which convinced me enough to try this unlikely combination and when I arrived at the truck, the lengthy line confirmed this was worth a shot.

While the line was long, the service was good and the naive Korean taco-serving man apologized to me for the wait. I appreciated this, but little did he know that the longer the line, the longer I was spared from my estrogen-filled office.

My menu research had me somewhat torn between a “Kim-Cheesesteak” or the tacos. While I am very passionate about cheesesteaks, I realized it was probably in my best interest to try the trucks namesake. Furthermore, I realized if I got the tacos I could try each of the meats, Korean BBQ beef, seared pork, and pulled chicken (3 tacos for $7). Depending on how these meats satisfied me, I could get the Kim-Cheesesteak on a future visit with whichever meat excited me most.

It turned out the Yelp reviews were right. While sounding rather odd, the Korean Barbecue concept was quite delightful. I can confidently say it was unlike any other taco I’ve consumed before and I’ve consumed many tacos. When I initially opened my box and saw my 3 tacos staring back at me begging to be eaten, I was a little disappointed at the size as they were rather small. However, it turned out that this was actually a great serving size and to my advantage. For once I didn’t find myself secretly strategizing ways to possibly nap in the stairwell or storage room with the AC Unit because I felt too full and sick from overeating.

The tacos themselves were pretty messy, but I enjoyed the exotic flavoring. They were a bit spicy, but in a sweeter way than Mexican tacos. However, I ran into one gigantic problem. I wolfed down the first taco, then consumed a bite of each of the remaining two. Tragedy struck when I realized I had no idea which taco was which, and which meat was which. One taco was definitely the surefire winner and I am tempted to say it was the Korean BBQ beef. The other two were definitely good, but not as good as the maybe-BBQ beef. While I realize it’s absurd, part of me wished the tacos came with labels so I could properly evaluate my meats. My master plan of trying each meat and then getting a Kim-cheesesteak with the winningest meat was foiled! Perhaps it is all part of the Kimchi Taco Truck’s business strategy to lure me back...which they probably will. But only after I try Korilla BBQ and determine who is the master of Korean Barbecue!

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